Passione sfrenata per le perline

Hello to all,

my name is Norma and I have an unbridled passion for beads and everything that glitters !!
This passion was born about 20 years ago, so I tried to handle plastic and half glass beads in white point.
By the way, I realized that keeping these beads in hand and being able to create something unique, new and original was, and is, something too fulfilling and satisfying; it can not describe it. And yes, because you can not describe the joy you experience when a customer wears what you have created. Suddenly you feel a bit important and special !!
Over time, I started using precious materials such as swarovski stones and crystals or 925 silver.
Mainly my attention, for several years, has been in the creation of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings; for about a year I started producing jewelery bouquets for brides made of satin roses entirely handmade and embellished with light spots and accessories. The end result is really amazing and unmanageable !! So I started to create necklaces and wigs for brides.
Last but not least, I also wear clutch bag or cloth always with glittering inserts !!
Lastly, I started to produce applications to be placed on dog or cat collars with shiny, rosy and / or lipstick inserts made with real satin.
What to say, fantasy is endless and I'm always open to new ideas and imaginations that shuffle in my head.
Spending you like to spend time browsing in my shop and ..
... thanks for the dedicated attention !!