Clutch black bag



Clutch black handbag clutch bag, very fashion.
The material used is the black eco-leather, inside is lined with a real black lining.
The closure is made with green color bohemian glass wires and glass beads green and purple.
Single piece.

Dimensions 32 cm x 22 cm

Real colors can be slightly different. Please be aware that it depends on the display you are using.

Created by hand.
Avoid contact with water, with chemicals and perfumes. Store in a dry, dry place.

Shipment takes place with Express Courier and delivery within 48 hours or with Recommended if the Municipality is located in disadvantaged areas.
For a cheaper shipment with 7 days workday delivery please contact me.

Any minor defects or imperfections, irregularities in shape or color, must be considered as own characteristics of craftsmanship.

♥ IMPORTANT ♥: Please communicate your mobile number at the time of purchase to give it to the courier. Thank you