Handmade bracelet swarovski and bohemian crystal



Bracelet made entirely handmade with particular beading fabrics.
The closure is nickel-free and is nickel-free.

Original alabat color swarovski elements, gray bohemian crystals, Japanese precision beads with long-lasting beads were used. Galvanized steel clasp and adjustable with chain.

Single piece.

1.5 cm x 17 cm without chain
Total 20 cm with adjustable chain

Avoid contact with water, with chemicals and perfumes. Store in a dry, dry place.

Shipment takes place with Express Courier and delivery within 48 hours or with Recommended if the Municipality is located in disadvantaged areas.
For a cheaper shipment with 7 days workday delivery please contact me.

Any minor defects or imperfections, irregularities in shape or color, should be considered as own characteristics of the handicraft production.

♥ IMPORTANT ♥: Please communicate your mobile number at the time of purchase to give it to the courier. Thank you